I am not only baking food, it’s a pure act of love, emotions, story telling & balancing time, temperature & premium ingredients

Swati Dang
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sesame Rye bread



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Soulful treats your way!!! A combination of homely, soulful, guilt free, healthy, premium quality, and all the goodness for your taste buds. I highly recommend protein bars, protein brownies, oat cookies, and monthly subscription on the treats. Beware, your taste buds can ask for more yet your weighing scale won’t mind. In love with @brownbrellabyswati

Amitoj B.

Best and healthy cake I have ever had I ordered one banana walnut tea cake and one masala chai tea cake. Both of them were really amazing. The cake was full of walnuts not just on the top but in every bite. Great job!! ❤️


The cakes were delicious and were tailor made to our dietary preferences, which signals that the customer is at the heart of this bakery’s service. Even more so, there was a sweet handmade note (made on recycled paper) attached to the cake, which added to the experience.

Dr. Deepali

Simply amazing Bought protein bar from brown brella by Swati! And just one word for it (AMAZING)!!!!

Vansh D.

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