BrownBrella: The abode of all healthy and premium desserts

“I am not only baking food, it’s a pure act of love, emotions, storytelling & balancing time, temperature & premium ingredients” 

-Swati Dang, founder of BrownBrella

Cakes, brownies, chocolates and other desserts are often considered unhealthy. Although a dessert itself is not unhealthy, the ingredients like refined sugar, refined flour, artificial flavours and preservatives tend to make them unhealthy. But why stay away from your favourite desserts when you can make them healthy?

That’s what we do at BrownBrella, a premium home bakery studio. We work with the beautiful vision of providing healthy, delicious and premium bakery products where each ingredient is chosen very consciously keeping the health factor as dominant in the mind.

Our founder, Swati’s passion for baking began when she was just 14! For 20 years, she spread happiness by baking for her family, friends, and colleagues. Like thousands of fearless people, she also jumped on the bandwagon of turning passion into a full-fledged business giving birth to BrownBrella!

What’s In The Name?

If you are expecting BRELLA to be some old Latin word related to baking or desserts, we hate to break it to you – it’s not. BRELLA is just short for the word Umbrella – created by our own Swati!

Confused? Let us elaborate.

You might have observed that most baked desserts like bread, cake, cookies, brownies, cupcakes and muffins usually are brown or the same tone. Even most chocolates are brown. And our bakery is a place where you get all healthy baked items under one umbrella.

Thus, BrownBrella.

Genius. Isn’t it?

Why Buy From BrownBrella?

All our products are FREE from refined sugar, refined flour, preservatives and eggs. At BrownBrella, we bake with utmost care and responsibility using only premium ingredients. But that is not the only reason to buy from us. 

All Healthy Ingredients For Your Sweet Cravings

We never use any kind of refined ingredients in our products. No refined flour, no refined sugar and not even refined oil! Instead, we use whole wheat flour or other healthier flours made from oats and millets like ragi, foxtail, jowar, bajra, buckwheat, etc. For the sweetness, we use raw sugar, jaggery, honey, coconut sugar, dates, maple syrup and other natural replacements. We use premium ingredients like olive oil, coconut oil and apricot oil, French Butter and only couverture chocolate in all our chocolates and chocolate-based products. And most of our products are rich in dry fruits!

We Can Customise Anything

If none of the items on our menu is what you are looking for, just tell us what you want. We are known for our customisation – you name it and we bake it. Be it a dominant ingredient in a cake, more or less sweet in the dessert or any other preferences – let us know and we will customise it as per your taste buds. Don’t worry if you have a dairy, gluten or nut allergy. We know how replacements work and we will ensure restrictions of any particular ingredient don’t come in the way of savouring your favourite dessert.

Never Seen Before Combinations

We love to experiment and create distinctive desserts that you won’t find anywhere. For example, we recently created an amalgamation of unique different flavours like lemon and rosemary. Yes, you read that right – lemon and rosemary brownies are citrus, lemony combined with fresh rosemary herb. Soon we’ll be launching bakes having vegetables like pumpkin, zucchini and many more.

ZERO-SUGAR, Vegan and Gluten-Free Variants 

How did we start baking Zero-Sugar Bakes? Once a 3-4 months pregnant woman came to us. Her sugar levels were too spiked up and the doctor had forbidden not just sugar but also honey, jaggery, dates or any kind of sweetener. Yet she was craving desserts. She requested us to bake something for her keeping her medical condition in mind. This inspired us to start our ZERO SUGAR variants to help diabetics who can’t even consume jaggery or honey. We do not use any kind of sweeteners and yet ensure the sweetness with only natural ingredients. Try our ZERO-SUGAR desserts and you will be surprised that we add no sweeteners. Apart from ZERO-SUGAR, we also do Vegan & Gluten-free bakes. 

How To Buy From Us?

Is your mouth watering already? Why don’t you check out our products section and try any dessert? We have a wide range of products like tea/travel cakes, cheesecakes, cookies, brownies, truffle cakes, cupcakes, muffins, chocolates and protein bars. However, our forte is tea/travel cakes, cheesecakes and brownies.

Ordering from us is quite easy. All you have to do is click on the WhatsApp button in the bottom-right corner of our website and drop us a message. 

You can also send us a DM on BrownBrella’s Instagram.

If you have any questions, head over to our contact page and send us your queries or messages. 

So, which Brown Brella dessert are you ordering today?


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Love your attitude to healthy desserts. We are into reversing chronic lifestyle diseases and would happily recommend your desserts to our diabetic patients. Thanks for helping so many handle their sweet cravings

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